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Targeting patent superiority and excellence,
developing blockbuster patents is prime goal for our clients. is a consulting and service firm in patenting. Proprietary structured methods yield maximum value for your IP portfolio.

We offer all categories in search, licensing and license audits, tech transfer, international litigation support EU/US, and IP management from ideas to patent.

BusinessXcel's patenting expertise is open for international clients, requiring support in Eurpe.

We think and act internationally. Patents are the most important building blocks for success in technologies in order to operate successfully in the long term run. The same applies, mutatis mutandis, to trademarks and design protection rights.

To legally protect your know-how, we suggest to make the best possible resources available. Together with you, we define the optimal patent strategies. We believe that our structured approach to the assessment of what is patentable opens up unique opportunities. Our approach reduces the risk of invalidatoin of your patents in litigation. Together we work to ensures that your patents include all beneficial attributes as complete as possible. You gain strategic opportunities to position products as protected blockbusters and to license them if necessary.

BusinessXcel provides teams of experts for litigation on a short-term basis.

Protect yourself from short-term surprises in the event of a lawsuit in Europe, or - even worse - in the U.S. We provide you with all the support by our partners to invalidate patents from third parties or target to make patents in dispute at least partially invalid. Forwarding of a legal dispute to the nearest lawyer's office is not necessarily the best decision. Nowadays, only the best team can achieve victory. It is not advisable to leave lawyer's offices with the case alone. Your organization should be extensively involved in the preparations and negotiation in any case. BusinessXcel contributes most of the work and collects relevant data and information for the team. We are your extended IP workbench. This will prevent your R&D resources and other departments get distracted from their primary job because litigation and discoveries are highly intense, complicated and take a very long time.

We first apply for patents in English, then in local languages.

We strongly recommend that you first apply for patents and other intellectual property rights in English for Europe, the U.S. and Asia. At the end of the value chain applications in local language can follow, be it German, French, Italian or any other language. This will avoid serious international translation errors and interpretation traps for non-German-speaking jurisdictions.

The same applies for patent searches. We also recommend that you take into account the increasing importance of certain Asian countries, in particular China, Japan and Korea.

BusinessXcel's expertise covers mots of the fields of 'patent art'

  • Novelty, inventive step
  • Validity, infringement
  • Freedom to Operate Analys
  • Patent Landscape, Portfolio-Analysys
  • Search for chemical structures, sequences
  • Markush Claim Analysis

BusinessXcel's expertise covets most of the science disciplines

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharma, Diagnostics
  • Medtech, Nanotech
  • Energy, Waste Management, Fermentation
  • Automotive, hybrid engines

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