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Intellectual Property.

Patents and patent search. We cover your needs for Intellectual Property Rights. As your special partner we support patent searches for Asian patents, either by the Indian, Japanese (Japan), Chinese or Korean Patent Office. In all these cases we provide native experts.

Inventor Support.

We are very happy to discuss with you questions about individual inventors remuneration. If you need a knitting pattern for a patent or a design patent, come to us. Even for software or social media patents we would like to help. Contact us if you want to know what is the cost to file a patent application.

Company Support.

We support companies for all relevant asüects of "patent". One of our core competencies covers patent search for a U.S. patent or European patent.Please contact us with any questions, for example, about the to U.S. Patent Database or to the European Patent Register.

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Intellectual Property Management is the core activity for sustainable technology driven excelllence.

Five questions for managing IP portfolios.
  • How robust is the business model with regard to new technolgies and resulting changes?
  • Is the Intellectual Property Portfolio challenging enough?
  • Do we owe sufficient know- how about future cross-section technologies?
  • Are branding, the complete communication process and product development sufficiently positioned for future neurobusiness?
  • Is the organization sustainably structured for the new neuroeconomics?
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How to improve your Intellectual Property Management and profit from our network of experts.
  • Process management: innovation, invention, inventor renumeration.
  • Strategy Consulting for new, disruptive technologies and changes in the value chain.
  • Process consistent support in patenting your technologies, products, services and software.
  • Enforcement of your intellectual property rights interests at home and abroad.
  • Training your experts and managers in terms of new business opportunities and sustainable business models.
  • Maximizing value of your R & D along with business development through interdisciplinary activities and think tanks.
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